Crazy golf 

Come and enjoy our 9 hole crazy golf! Located behind the restaurant,  take the opportunity to have some fun and admire the stunning views whilst playing ! 
Free for our customers. 

Le tour des Vaches Rouges

Le tour des vaches rouges is a path that crosses the plateau du Cézallier. The Buron des Estives is a perfect place to stop and unwind before carrrying on this 10 day hike !
To access the track, pass behind the buron, straight through fields, and you will come to the path.
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the walk as they may chase 'la  vache rouge' ( herds of cows with their calves). 

The Veyrines 


Why not discover the "Cascade des Veyrines" only 700 meters from the Buron. From the restaurant turn right  and follow follow the sign posts.

Le vélorail du Cézallier

Departures from the train station gare de Landeyrat ( 4km from the Buron) or from the train station gare d'Allanche (4,5km from the Buron),  a fun family day out discovering the plateau du cezallier can be had by all. 

Le chaos de Landeyrat

Turn right when coming out of the restaurant carpark, follow the road for around 4km. Once you've parked up at the 'La Rousille' carpark, follow the yellow sign posts 'la roche de Landeyrat'. 
If you wish to walk a bit furthur, depart from the railway station at Landeyrat follwoing the yellow sign posts ( 8km - 2hours).